Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to provide as much details as possible?

Due to the high demand of the rooms the StayatSpot team aims to processes the applicant’s information that are the most detailed first. To increase the likelihood to be selected it’s best to send all details as stated in question 12 application first”

Which rooms are currently availiable?

StayatSpot currently has a susbstantial amount of rooms availaible that are constantly re-occupied. We advertise with our availaible rooms and our website is up to date. If you like to increase your chances to be selected it’s best to send an application with all your relevant documents as stated in question 12 so we can invite you for viewings.

Is it possible to rent for two or more people in one instance?

Yes, please provide all documents from all applicants as stated in question 12.

Can I register on the address?

By Dutch law you have to register on the address you currently live at.

Can I rent one room as a couple?

Stay at Spot has a 1-person-per-room policy

Are pets allowed?

We love all animals! But Stay at Spot has a no-pet/animal policy

How much is the deposit?

The deposit for the room is a one-time 1,5x the amount of the monthly rent of the room.

How much are the ulitities?

The utility costs (gas/water/electricity) are approx. around 50,- euro’s per person per month extra, but this is of course depending on your usage.

Who do you rent your rooms to?

The Stay at Spot target audience are young adults, students and young profesionals.

Can I reserve a room for later this year?

We do not put any rooms on hold and the process of application is started after receiving the needed documents. We strongly suggest keeping an eye out for our social media accounts and website, to be aware of updates on available rooms in the near future. Hopefully, you will find a room with us later this year!

Who can be my guarantor?

The guarantor can be a family member or friend, anyone who can garantuee that he/ she earns a minimum of 2300,- per month for us to have a guarantee that in case of emergency you can pay the rent. If you can’t arrange a guarantor that meets the requirements, please contact to request for en exception.

What documents do you need for application? (Question 12)

If you are a student: Copy ID, Copy Study Enrolment, Three recent payslips of a guarantor, Copy ID guarantor and Email address Guarantor If you are working: Copy ID, Copy Internship contract/ Employment Contract and Three recent payslips.

What is the minimum rental period for the contract?

We have a minimum rental period of one (academic) year, 10-12 months

I have seen the post on facebook. Is it still availiable?

Our rooms are in very high demand and if the facebook post is older then 7 days there is a very low likelyhood that the room is still availiable. If you want to be sure please send an application with all contact details as stated in question 12 to ensure your application to be processed.

Can I have rental subsidy on the room?

You cannot apply for rental subsidy on the Stay at Spot addresses as you need your own/private front door/entrance from the street by dutch law to be eligable for subsidy.

How do I apply for a room months ahead?

It’s best to send us your application immidetiately together with all documents stated in question 12 so we can reserve the relevant room for you in advance. Only then we can consider or accept application months ahead.

How much would it cost approximately including the bills and everything?

 The utility costs (gas/water/electricity) are approx. around 50,- euro’s per person per month extra, but this is of course depending on your usage. The municipality and water taxes are out of reach of Stay at Spot and differ per year. Indications can be found online on the city website.

Is it possible to do an online viewing?

Yes, we can do a video viewing. Send us a whatsapp message one day before the viewing and we will video-call you at the day of the viewing.

Can the viewings be scheduled on a different day?

Yes, we can re-schedule a viewing for applications that have provided are their contact and application details as stated in question 12. Having received all the relevant documents will allow us to consider the viewing on a different date.

Is the lease start date flexible?

If we advertise an apartment with a starting date, this date is not flexible.

Could you provide me more info about the room?

All info of the room is posted within the advertisement, online on the website or provided in this FAQ. Please send read the advertisement, explore the neighbourhood and send us all your details as stated in question 12 to ensure your application.

Can I terminate the rental agreement?

No, it’s not possible to end your rental agreement before the ending date written on the rental agreement

I am in urgent need of a room. How can I speed up the process?

The most important step to speed up the application process is to provide all information as per question 12. Once we have received all information we can start the approval process. After having received all the information we will provide you an overview of all availiable rooms.

What are the municipal taks in the Haque?

What: The municipal tax bill for residents in The Hague includes taxes like the property taxes, waste tax and sewage charge

When: You will receive the municipal tax bill once a year by post in February

How much: You can easily calculate how much you would pay in local taxes in The Hague using the local tax calculator

Address: Municipal Tax Department, Leyweg 813, 2545 HA The Hague

Telephone: 14070


What is the waterboard tax?

What: The waterboard tax for residents in The Hague includes water system charge and water purification chare

When: You will receive the waterboard tax bill once a year by post in Januari, February or March

How much: Water system Charge: € 123,29. Water purification charge: € 280,50. Total per household: € 403,79

Adress: HH Delfland, Phoenixstraat 32, 2611 AL Delft

Telephone: (015) 260 8108